My grandfather was in the navy during WWII and the ship that he was on (The LCI-G 580) ran aground off the coast of the Philippine islands in the Leyte gulf.  Because of the mishap, the ship did not reach its destination on time during that mission, and my grandfather said that there lives were likely spared, because the battle they were headed into, the "Battle of Leyte Gulf" (bloodiest battle in Naval history), was one they would have likely not survived.  Sometimes the ship runs aground, and sometimes there's a reason.


Your life, career, hopes, dreams, and relationships, sometimes go drastically off course. When its happening, it feels like your world is coming to an end, but quite the opposite is true, If you choose to see beyond the reality of what is visible only right in front of you, and lift your 

eyes to the possiblities and opportunity for something more.

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