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          2016 China's connector market status analysis and development trend forecast

                          2016 China's connector market status analysis and development trend forecast

           The connector industry covers more areas and covers a wide range. The connector is the core component of the electrical connection necessary for the whole circuit system. Its function is to connect, disconnect or switch with electric / optical signal and mechanical force. It is widely used in aerospace, military equipment, communication, computer, automobile, Industrial, household appliances and so on. In the information, electronic high-speed development today, as an indispensable parts of electronic equipment, connector demand will be steadily enlarged, the future is bound to have a more broad space.

                                   Main application areas of connectors


          First, the status of China's connector market analysis

              1, the rapid development of China's connector city, the future is vast. 2015 global connector market size has more than 300 billion yuan, China, North America, Europe, the share of more than 20%. China is currently the size of 80 billion yuan, is the world's largest market, and is in a rapid growth period, the growth rate far more than the global average and North America, Europe and other major markets. 2010-2015, China's connector market revenue growth rate of 12.5% compound growth, the same period the global compound growth rate of only 2.6%, especially in 2015 global sales fell 1.5% of the case, still maintain 8% growth, The market demand, the development of good, which is engaged in the connector industry R & D and production enterprises to provide a very broad space for development and the environment.

                                    Global connector major market share


          In recent years, due to the acceleration of the construction of 4G network communication equipment, the acceleration of urban rail transit construction, the rapid growth of new energy vehicles, the rapid growth of defense budget and the increase in the proportion of weapons and equipment, the rapid growth of consumer electronics and automotive electronics , The connector needs will be further enlarged, we judge the future of the domestic connector industry is expected to maintain about 10% growth rate.